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Pick of the Week

Nursery Nature Walk
Kids from the age 8 and under can now get out of the city to experience…
Lomita Railroad Museum
Step back in time at the Lomita Railroad museum. Dedicated to the proud era of the…
Universal Studios
Hollywood doesn't only have film studios, but an amusement park where films ARE the attractions! Universal…
Planetfest '97
Interested in the planet Mars? Experience Earth gaining new feats to visit our red neighbor.
Los Angeles Public Library
The LA public library is the biggest collection in the county. It is a place to…
Southwest Museum
From Alaska to South America the Southwestern Museum is home of important artifacts of Native American…
Robert Sturman
With only one teacher and an occasional art class, this self-taught artist find his unique voice…
San Diego Zoo
If you catch yourself in down south you don't want to miss the world famous San…
LA Theater Works
Actors who are usually familiar seen on screen come to perform live at the Double Tree…
Air Combat
Imagine yourself scanning the skies in a real military aircraft in search of an enemy airplane,…

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