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Pick of the Week

LA Philharmonic
Here performing Sibelius' Second Symphony you can see their passion and energy as if they are…
The Arboretum
Home of many famous films, The Arboretum allows you to enjoy what is has offer such…
Alexandra Nechita
Known as a modern day Picasso, Nichita is a child prodigy exhibiting her works all around…
Dexter Grey
Known for his his passion and musical flair, Dexter Grey allows his talents to inspire and…
Whale Watching
Take a cruise on the coast of Long Beach to catch a glimpse these beautiful giant…
Cirque du Soleil - Quidam
Specializing in Quidam or French for stranger, Cirque du Soleil wants to emphasize that although we…
California Poppy
Vast meadows, arts and crafts, helicopter rides and music concerts all at the California Poppy festival!

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