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Pick of the Week

Maestros Mexicanos
Capture a glimpse of four significant Mexican artists such as real sketches of Javier Alvarez Palimar…
LA Music & Art School
In these tough times the arts isn't supported fully, however the LA Music and Art School's…
Cash Baxter
In this day in age two developing careers can be very hard. Cash Baxter proves to…
David Hockney
Commemorating Hockney for his wild drawings and colors on cars, LACMA is doing a retrospective on…
Steven Lavaggi
An artist of hope, a modern day Micheangelo, Lavaggi finds a glimpse of glory. His murals…
Air Combat
Imagine yourself scanning the skies in a real military aircraft in search of an enemy airplane,…
Show Boat
Widely considered one of the most influential works of American musical theatre, Show Boat is the…
The Getty Villa Museum
Nestled high up in the Malibu mountains is a mansion housing collections of Greek and Roman…

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