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Pick of the Week

Tango Times 2
Tango Times Two, written and directed by Miguel Zotto and Milena Plebs, pays homage to Argentina's…
City Walk
Stores, shop and restaurants are the centerpiece at the Universal City Walk, which all have one…
George C. Page Museum
Home of the La Brea Tar pits and many paleontologist, the George C. Page Museum has…
World Figure Skating
Enjoy figure skating? You have the chance to see all of the sports' greatest athletes in…
California Heritage Museum
Come down to Santa Monica where you can learn about California's vibrant and surprising heritage.
La Boheme
One of Puccini's most famous operas, 'La Boheme' reflects an irractic romance between two artists in…
Gondola Getaway
The Venetian getaways is something anyone needs. However, Italy is quite far, right? Well, come down…
Hamilton Gregg Brewworks
Barley on the mind? Come down to Hermosa beach where you can taste your own personalized…
Peter Max
Working in the Warhol tradition, Max uses portraits of celebrities, in this gallery Crosby, with radiant…
Diego Rivera
The Museum on Latin-American art showcases "Del Tempo y del Color," an intimate view of a…

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